Communicative action and organizational theory

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Fábio Vizeu


Theory of communicative action (TCA) has been an important reference for social studies, especially for allowing a better understanding of the socialization and individuation processes in modernity. Also in the area of organizational research, the adoption of TCA has been growing. However, its understanding is hindered by the great complexity and abstraction involved in TCA. Thus, the present article analyses the main elements of the Habermas’ action theory for organizational research, in order to allow the visualization of its contributions to the area. A critical approach is proposed to instrumental rationality, to the issue of the rational reconstruction of the speaking act, and to the idea of systematically distorted communication. Finally, new guidelines and perspectives have been proposed.


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VIZEU, F. Communicative action and organizational theory. RAE - Revista de Administracao de Empresas , [S. l.], v. 45, n. 4, p. 10–21, 2005. Disponível em: Acesso em: 27 may. 2024.