The importance of banking relationship for SME financing

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Armando Mendes Jorge Nogueira da Silva
Silvia Maria Graça Braga


Taking, as starting point, a sample of small and medium-sized (SME) Portuguese companies customers of credit of a given bank branch, we examine empirically the role of both banking relationships and the economic and financial situation of the firms in the determination of the funding conditions obtained. Based on multiple regression analysis, it was found that, for the explanatory model of the level of the risk premium, the variables that showed significance for such explanation were the firm reputation, the amount of credit granted and also the overall liquidity of the customer. Regarding the explanatory model of the amount of credit granted, the variable duration has a significant impact, indicating that relationships are valuable in such issue. In both models, the variables that have shown to have a greater impact on the amount and price of the granted credit available were variables related to the economic and financial performance of the firms

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Armando Mendes Jorge Nogueira da Silva, Instituto Politécnico do Porto; CEFUP (Centro de Investigação em Economia e Finanças da Universidade do Porto)

Ph.D in Economics - Porto University Head of Accounting, Management and Economics Department of ESEIG /IPP Adjuct Professor of ESEIG / IPP

Silvia Maria Graça Braga, Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Master in Corporate Finance at ESEIG /IPP