As armadilhas dos paradigmas da liderança

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Gérard Ouimet


Leadership studies are an emerging discipline and the concept of leadership will continue to evolve. But, despite substantial progress in leadership research, the understanding of leadership phenomena is not free from pernicious heuristic skids. The purpose of this analysis is to throw light on these traps. By means of an original typology of leadership studies, we propose an epistemological reflection of the advance of knowledge in organizational leadership studies. The proposed typology contains fours paradigms, that is: rationalist paradigm, empirical paradigm, sensationalist paradigm, and dogmatic paradigm. The rationalist paradigm conceives the leadership like an aprioristic logical algorithm. The empirical paradigm conceives the leadership like a posteriori concrete performance. The sensationalist paradigm conceives the leadership like a personal philosophy of life. The dogmatic paradigm conceives the leadership like determinist psychic drives. Each paradigm can be respectively trapped by the following heuristics skids: intellectualism, reductionism, simplism, and mysticism.


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OUIMET, G. As armadilhas dos paradigmas da liderança. RAE - Revista de Administracao de Empresas , [S. l.], v. 42, n. 2, p. 8–16, 2002. Disponível em: Acesso em: 13 jun. 2024.