Checklist before submission:

- The article is original and unpublished and is not being evaluated by another journal.

- Authors and co-authors can have two articles in the submission or evaluation process at RAE.

- The authors read the instructions on Ethics and Conduct guidelines and the Guidelines of the journal.

- The text file is in .doc or .docx format and without author identification.

- Length of the Article: A maximum of 8,000 words (with a tolerance of 10%, that is 8,800 words) – for the complete text, including title, abstract, five keywords, tables, figures and references.

- Length of the Essay: A maximun of 5,000 words – for the complete text, including title, abstract, keywords, tables, figures and references.

- The version of the text submitted must follow the format of the section in which the work is inserted: Template Article and Template Essay.

- The font used throughout the text is Times New Roman, size 12. Titles and subtitles are in bold. The text alignment must be: Justified and the line spacing: 1.5. The text does not have footnotes and endnotes. Tables and figures must be analyzed/discussed and inserted in the end of the text (after the References), and if it is colored it has been transformed into gray or black tones. Throughout the text it is necessary to mention where they are to be inserted.

- There is no identification of authorship in the text or in any document submitted by the author as a Supplemental File for Review.

- Citations and references follow the rules of the American Psychological Association – APA (7th edition).

- The Open Science Compliance Form has been filled and prepared for submission (must be attached as a Supplemental File for Review in Step 2 (Step 2: File Upload) in the ScholarOne system).

- The data of all authors must be filled and the ORCID ID must be informed.


Further information or additional requests for information on the Manuscript Submission process should be sent to the Editorial Office: