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Vol. 64 No. 5 (2024): September-October

Published: 2024-05-17

The influence of country culture on external audit monitoring

Thiago Santos da Silva, Nádia Cardoso Moreira, Danilo Soares Monte-Mor, Silvania Neris Nossa, Willams da Conceição de Oliveira


Subjective well-being and labor productivity: a global and organizational perspective

Diva Liceth Mendoza Ocasal, Maira Alejandra González Martínez, Nelly Quirvan Santos


Effects of work-to-family and family-to-work enrichment on staff attitudes and behaviors

María Ángeles López-Cabarcos, Analía López-Carballeira, Carlos Ferro-Soto


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Launched in 1961, RAE supported the development of administrative thinking in Brazil and the consolidation of the profession of administrator.

Articles most recently published for this journal.

Subjective well-being and labor productivity: a global and organizational perspective

Diva Liceth Mendoza Ocasal; Maira Alejandra González Martínez; Nelly Quirvan Santos


Published: Jul 1, 2024

The influence of country culture on external audit monitoring

Thiago Santos da Silva; Nádia Cardoso Moreira; Danilo Soares Monte-Mor; Silvania Neris Nossa; Willams da Conceição de Oliveira


Published: Jun 25, 2024

Adaptation and validation of self-report job precariousness scale for Brazilian gig work context

Paula Martins Nunes; Teresa Proença; Mauro Enrique Carozzo Todaro


Published: Jun 14, 2024

The role of emotions in reducing food waste

Mikaela Daiane Prestes Floriano


Published: May 17, 2024

Most read articles in this journal in the last six months.

The iron cage revisited: institutional isomorphism and collective rationality in organizational fields

Paul Joseph DiMaggio; Walter W. Powell


Published: Apr 1, 2005

The economic benefits of business mediation in the Brazilian scenario

Cristiane Dias Carneiro; Yann Duzert; Rafael Alves de Almeida


Published: Feb 2, 2024

Gamification and uberized work in application companies

Renata Couto de Oliveira


Published: Jul 16, 2021

Most cited articles published in this journal. These statistics are updated monthly using data sourced exclusively from CrossRef

Women in home office during the COVID-19 pandemic and the work-family conflict configurations

Ana Heloísa da Costa Lemos; Alane de Oliveira Barbosa; Priscila Pinheiro Monzato


Published: Dec 23, 2020

Factors affecting the adoption of Big Data analytics in companies

Ángel Francisco Villarejo-Ramos; Juan-Pedro Cabrera-Sánchez


Published: Dec 6, 2019

Configurations of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial ecosystems

Andre Cherubini Alves; Bruno Fischer; Nicholas Spyridon Vonortas; Sérgio Robles Reis de Queiroz


Published: Aug 14, 2019

Feminization of aging: A multifaceted phenomenon beyond the numbers

Vanessa Martines Cepellos


Published: Mar 5, 2021

Articles with the highest Altmetrics score, indicating influence and impact.

Do Stakeholders matter in strategic decision making of a sports organization?

Dina Alexandra Marques Miragai; João Ferreira; André Carreira


Published: Nov 1, 2014


Psychological distance in the diaspora marketing of nostalgic products: A venezuelan case

Maria Christina Saksanian; Otto Regalado-Pezúa; Walter Palomino-Tamayo


Published: Dec 13, 2021


Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil: learning from Barcelona and Sydney

Trinidad Domínguez Vila; Simon Darcy; Elisa Alén


Published: Mar 1, 2014







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