The constant efforts to strengthen RAE’s international relationship network, by attracting foreign authors, editors, and readers, culminated in successful thematic forums (special issues). Thematic forums are organized and conducted by accomplished scholars, who guest editors in coordination with the editor-in-chief.
The calls for special issue started at RAE in 2012, and 17 calls were launched, thus an average of two international calls per year.

Proposals for special issues may be presented and will be evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief ( based on the editorial scope of the RAE. For further information on the proposal format, click here.


The future of innovation and entrepreneurship: Revisiting the role of Universities

Guest Editors
Charles Kirschbaum – Insper, Brazil
Daniel Paulino Teixeira Lopes - Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Gregory Pogue - University of Texas at Austin, USA
Kadígia Faccin - Fundação Dom Cabral, Brazil
Ricardo Reolon -| UFABC, Brazil

Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2024
For further information, click here


The transition to the Circular Economy: a challenge for Businesses, Governments and Society

Guest Editors
Susana Carla Farias Pereira – FGV EAESP, Brazil
Simone Sehnem – UNOESC and UNISUL, Brazil
Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour – EM Normandie Business School, France
Valentina Gomes Haensel Schmitt, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
Fanny Saruchera, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2024
For further information, click here


Responsible Economy: A Stakeholder Interactionist Perspective on Policy, Technology Development, and Business Models

Guest Editor
Fu-Sheng Tsai, Cheng Shiu University (CSU), Taiwan

Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2024
For further information, click here


Strategic Shift of Developing Economies (DEs) to Production and Industrialization: The Role of Informal Institutions

Guest editors:
Ayodotun Stephen Ibidunni, Chrisland University, Nigeria
Ebes Esho, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Ogechi Adeola, Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, Nigeria
Alexandre de Almeida Faria, FGV EBAPE, Brazil

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2023
For further information, click here


Digital Technology in Action: Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Guest editors:
Antonio Diaz Andrade (Auckland University of Technology)
Eduardo H. Diniz (FGV EAESP Sao Paulo School of Business Administration)
Eusebio Scornavacca (Arizona State University)
Silvia Masiero (University of Oslo)
Wafa El Garah (Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane)

Deadline for submissions: June 30th, 2022 | Prazo para submissão: 30 de junho de 2022

For further information, click here

Eduardo Diniz presents the call for papers here


Human resource management contribution to sustainability

Guest editors:
Carla Curado (ISEG-Universidade of Lisboa)
Lucía Muñoz-Pascual (IME-Universidad de Salamanca)
Mírian Oliveira (PUCRS and ISEG-Universidade of Lisboa)
Paulo Lopes Henriques (ISEG-Universidade of Lisboa)
Helena Mateus Jerónimo (ISEG-Universidade of Lisboa)

Deadline: May 31st 2021

For further information, click here 


Bodies and Organizations: Disrupting Hegemonies

Guest editors:
Adriana Vinholi Rampazo (State University of Londrina, Brazil)
Luiz Alex Silva Saraiva (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Eloísio Moulin de Souza (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil)
Jo Brewis (Faculty of Business and Law, The Open University, UK)
Saoirse Catlin O'Shea (Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK)

Deadline: January 31st 2021

For further information, click here 


Impacts of COVID-19 on organizations

Guest editors:
Alessandra de Sá Mello da Costa (IAG/PUC-Rio, Brazil)
Ely Laureano Paiva (FGV EAESP, Brazil)
Marcus Vinícius Peinado Gomes (Cardiff University, Wales, UK)
Vinicius Brei (UFRGS, Brazil)

Deadline: July 20th 2020

For further information, click here

Special issue:  RAE, 60(6), 2020: November-December


Food waste: Challenges and opportunities in sustainable operations 

Guest editors:
Luciana Marques Vieira (FGV EAESP, Brazil)
Marcia Dutra de Barcellos (UFRGS, Brazil)
Gustavo Porpino de Araujo (EMBRAPA - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation)
Mattias Eriksson (SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)
Manoj Dora (Brunel University, UK), Daniele Eckert Matzembacher (UFRGS, Brazil)

For further information, click here 

Special issue:  RAE, 61(5), 2021: September–October


History, memory, and the past in Management and Organization Studies

Guest editors:
Amon Barros (FGV's Sao Paulo School of Business Administration - EAESP)
Diego M. Coraiola (University of Alberta)
Mairi Maclean (University of Bath)
Willian M. Foster (University of Alberta)

Deadline: June 30th 2019
For further information, click here  

Special issue:  RAE 61(1), 2021: January-February


Estudios organizacionales en América Latina: Desafíos y posibilidades

Organizadores invitados:
Rafael Alcadipani (FGV EAESP, Brazil)
Jorge Feregrino (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)
Pablo Isla Madariaga (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile)
Leonardo Solarte (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)
Diego Szlechter (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento - Conicet, Argentina)
Juliana Cristina Teixeira (UFSJ, Brazil)

Deadline: 31 de marzo de 2019

For further information, click here 

Special issue:  RAE 60(2), 2020: March-April


Beyond technology: Management challenges in the big data era

Guest editors:
Eduardo de Rezende Francisco (ESPM-MPCC and FGV EAESP)
José Luiz Kugler (FGV EAESP)
Soong Moon Kang (University College London)
Ricardo Silva (University College London)
Peter Alexander Whigham (University of Otago)

Deadline: September 30th 2018

For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE 59(6)2019


The business of eating: Entrepreneurship and cultural politics

Guest editors:
Jeffrey Pilcher (University of Toronto)
Krishnendu Ray (New York University)
Eliane Brito (FGV EAESP)
Marina Heck (FGV EAESP)

Submission deadline: July 31st 2017

For more information, click here

Special issue: RAE v58 n3 2018


Sociomateriality and the relationship among organizations, artefacts and practices

 Guest editors

Eduardo Henrique Diniz (FGV/EAESP)
Marlei Pozzebon (HEC Montreal & FGV/EAESP)
Miguel Pina e Cunha (Nova School of Business and Economics)
François-Xavier de Vaujany (PSL Université Paris-Dauphine)
Nathalie Mitev (King's College London)
Bernard Leca (ESSEC)

Submission deadline: September 30 2016

For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE v57 n6 2017


Dynamic Capabilities

Guest editors:
Adriana Roseli Wünsch Takahashi (UFPR/PPGADM)
Sergio Bulgacov (FGV/EAESP)
Claudia Cristina Bitencourt (UNISINOS)
Hale Kaynak (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)

Submission deadline: June 30 2016
For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE v57 n3 2017

Transnational governance regimes in the Global South: multinational, states and NGOs as political

Guest editors:
Glenn Morgan (Cardiff Business School)
Marcus Vinícius P. Gomes (FGV-EAESP)
Paola Perez-Aleman (McGill University)

Submission deadline: August 31 2015
For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE v56 n4 2016


ICT for Development in Ibero-America

Guest editors:
Antonio Díaz Andrade (Auckland University of Technology/ New Zealand)
Nicolau Reinhard (FEA-USP/Brazil)

Submission deadline: November 30 2014
For further information about the Forum click here 

Social BusinessesGuest editorsEdgard Barki (FGV-EAESP)

Guest editors:
Graziella Comini (FEA-USP)
Stuart Hart (Cornell University)
Sudhanshu Rai (Copenhagen Business School)
Ann L Cunliffe (Leeds University Business School)

Deadline for submission: March 10 2014

For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE v55 n4 2015

Challenging Anglo-Saxon Dominance in Management and Organizational Knowledge

Guest editors:
Rafael Alcadipani (FGV-EAESP)
Sadhvi Dar (Queens Mary)
Ernesto Gantman (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Helà Yousfi (University of Paris-Dauphine)

Deadline for submission: August 31 2013

For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE v55 n2 2015

Situación y proyección de la responsabilidad social empresarial en américa latina

Guest editors:
Juan Arroyo (CENTRUM Católica)
Mario Aquino Alves (FGV-EAESP)
Ezequiel Reficco (Universidad de los Andes)

Deadline para la presentación de artículos: 31.01.2013

Para obtener más información, clic aquí

Edición especial: RAE v54 n1 2014

Advances in Behavioral Finance in the last decade

Guest editors:
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva (FGV/EAESP)
Lucas Ayres (FEA/USP)
Jill M. Norvilitis (Buffalo State College)
Manuel Rocha Armada (University of Minho)
Newton C. A. Costa Jr. (UFSC)

Deadline for submission: April 30 2013

For further information, click here

Special issue: RAE v55 n1 2015