Compra compulsiva e a influência do cartão de crédito

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Tânia Modesto Veludo de Oliveira
Ana Cristina Akemi Ikeda
Rubens da Costa Santos


This article examines the influence of credit cards on young adults’ compulsive buying behavior. Compulsive buying is an uncontrollable state that tends to soften negative feelings. In this context, credit cards can stimulate impulse buying giving rise to problems such as debts and relationship problems. This study is based on a field work and it analysis this behavior on university students. The results reveal that young students with propensity to be compulsive buyers use credit card intensely. It is suggested that organizations involved in this matter should not neglect the compulsive buying behavior and that a discussion about their responsibility be made.


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OLIVEIRA, T. M. V. de; IKEDA, A. C. A.; SANTOS, R. da C. Compra compulsiva e a influência do cartão de crédito. RAE - Revista de Administracao de Empresas , [S. l.], v. 44, n. 3, p. 89–99, 2004. Disponível em: Acesso em: 18 jun. 2024.