A difícil administração das motivações

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Cecília Whitaker Bergamini


Motivation theories point out two different approaches about this subject. The first one tends to view the human being as passive to environmental stimuli - this approach is known as the behaviourist view. The secondapproach explores the energization and direction of motivational behaviour. The energy in motivational theory is fundamentally a question of intrinsic needs. The direction of motivational behaviour is known as a question of processes and structures that give meaning to internai and externai stimuli directing human action towards the satisfaction of these needs. During the search of motivational satisfaction people face problems which are really hard to solve. Toavoid the discomfort of having to face these problems people tend to use myths that allow them tobelieve that the reality they see is different from the truth. These are the iIIusions they use to keep on living without the problems they don't want to face.


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