Foreign market orientation: refining a measurement scale

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Ivan Lapuente Garrido


The present study is an exploratory survey of a transversal cut, carried through with 617 Brazilian exporting companies, developed with the objective to validate, in Brazil, a scale of export market orientation. Structural equation modeling was used as the base for the statisticalanalysis statistics of the collected data. Two scales of measuring of market orientation had served of reference for the study – the scale of export market orientation developed by Cadogan, Diamantopoulos, and Mortanges (1999) and the scale of market orientation created by Matsuno, Mentzer, and Rentz (2000b). The resulting scale – a hybrid model, joining indicators of the two scales mentioned, but mainly based on the model by Cadogan et al. (1999) – demonstrated trustworthy results and is presented as a valid model to measure the degree of orientation for the external market of Brazilian exporting organizations.


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