A qualidade de serviços médicos na perspectiva do cliente

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André Torres Urdan


Health care service quality involves two domains: technical and interpersonal. Patients almost always know very little about the aspects of technical quality, but in general they don’t face difficult evaluating the interpersonal quality. However, in Brazil, it is missing a tool to measure the Quality Experienced by the Patient (QEP). Thus, the goal of this research was to undertake an empirical analysis of the psychometric properties of a scale of QEP regarding the office medical services. The results revealed six factors underlying QEP, comprising the domains of technical and interpersonal quality. About reliability, it seemed adequate in all the scales of the six factors. Finally, concerning validity, it is impressive for five out of six factors. The limitations and implications of the research are also presented.


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URDAN, A. T. A qualidade de serviços médicos na perspectiva do cliente. RAE - Revista de Administracao de Empresas , [S. l.], v. 41, n. 4, p. 44–55, 2001. Disponível em: https://periodicos.fgv.br/rae/article/view/37755. Acesso em: 18 jun. 2024.
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André Torres Urdan