Brazilian scientific production in Marketing in the period 2000-2009

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José Afonso Mazzon
José Mauro da Costa Hernandez


This study analyzes the volume of Brazilian scientific production in Marketing published in the period 2000-2009 in BAR, RAC, RAE, RAM, RAUSP and Read periodicals and in the proceedings of EnANPAD and the (EMA). When the results were compared with those obtained by Vieira (2003) in the past decade, there was found to be an increase of 368% in the number of published papers. The number of articles published in the proceedings (81.1%) is still much higher than the number of articles published in periodicals (18.9%). Approximately 65% of the authors published only one paper in the conferences. Consumer Behavior is still the most common subject (29%). The average number of authors per paper increased from 1.7 to 2.3 and the concentration of articles produced by the top five most productive schools declined from 62.5% to 49.6%. The average number of citations per article increased from 21.6 to 37.4 but the average number of citations of Brazilian periodicals only increased from 2.0 to 2.5. The study concludes by forecasting the evolution of scientific production in the area of Marketing.


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MAZZON, J. A.; HERNANDEZ, J. M. da C. Brazilian scientific production in Marketing in the period 2000-2009. RAE - Revista de Administracao de Empresas , [S. l.], v. 53, n. 1, p. 67–80, 2013. Disponível em: Acesso em: 29 feb. 2024.

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