The Institutionalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis


  • Edward P. Fuchs University of Texas
  • James E. Anderson Texas A. & M. University



cost-benefit analysis , decision making , regulatory agencies


This article examines efforts by the Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations to make regulatory agencies conduct cost-benefit analyses as part of decision making. It concludes that this requirement has not yet been fully met at the agency level.


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Biografia do Autor

Edward P. Fuchs, University of Texas

Edward P. Fuchs is a visiting professor of political science at the University of Texas, El Paso. The major emphasis of his research is on public administration and public policy at the national level. He is the author of Presidential Management Strategies in Regulation.

James E. Anderson, Texas A. & M. University

James E. Anderson is a professor of political science at Texas A. & M. University. He is the author of books and articles on economic regulatory policies, the policy process, and the presidency. His most recent book (coauthored with Jared Hagleton) is Managing Macroeconomic Policy: The Johnson Presidency.


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Fuchs, E. P., & Anderson, J. E. (2023). The Institutionalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis. Revista De Direito Administrativo, 282(3), 13–23.